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Our Story



The name of the company comes from the name of Founder of "Embroidery in Architecture" and main Designer of the brand, Alicja Stańska. 


The designer's dream was to introduce embroidery to surfaces that were previously unfavorable to it. Improving the techniques of embroidery and materials science for years, she decided to explore the technological possibilities in greater depth, which would allow the creation of decorative and functional material for both -  unique individual and public interiors.

After years of work, she joined forces with architect Tomasz Tarnowski, with whom she created a Family company that fulfills the dreams of the most demanding Customers and Art Collectors.


STANSKA is a family company that works with the best technologists and craftsmen.

Each collection is a masterpiece of many artisans: from embroiderers, carpenters, varnishers, technologists, to designers and managers.

They all implement the brand's vision and its uncompromising philosophy.


In addition, the brand for cooperation selects only companies that can boast a long tradition of craftsmanship, because its task is to constantly support dying professions.




Quality is the most important to us, which is why all our products are handcrafted

with attention to the smallest detail.

We believe that no machine can replace the work of human hands.





Hundreds or even thousands of working hours. Kilometers of threads and carefully selected upholstery fabrics of the highest quality. The love for hand embroidery is the beginning of STANSKA brand. We specialize in many techniques, but our favorite is the 17th century French luneville embroidery. Once adorning royal robes, today thanks to us - homes and architectural materials.


The Founder of the brand is an expert in luneville embroidery. Choosing a team to work with, she personally trains embroiderers to develop a brand style so characteristic and lofty for herself. Each project begins with a vision of an embroidery, not a shape or a utility function.


Respecting traditions and techniques is key, but the embroidery design we offer goes beyond the stereotypical thinking about the needle craft. Thanks to this approach,

we offer our clients something they have never seen before.

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