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Black and Gold Marble is a unique and famous natural marble found in the mountains of Balochistanfrom

in Pakistan. We decided to embroider this unique rock with metallic French threads in the color of real gold.

Our dresser has a piano gloss lacquer. Embroideries are secured with a surface that gives them shine and

a noble look. The whole is finished with velvet and leather. Like all our designs, Marble Touch Dresser is a small masterpiece that can stand against a wall, as well as a stand-alone sculpture due to the complete finishing

of the back which is finished with velvet. 

embroidered furniture y STANSKA.jpg
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STANSKA Dresser MarbleTouch
STANSKA Table MarbleTouch


Marble Touch Table is, in fact, a nearly two-meter long coffee table, perfect for everyday coffee or tea ceremony. Just like the Marble Touch Dresser, it is entirely hand-embroidered with metallized threads in the color of real gold. A protective coating protects the embroidery from getting wet or scratched. The table made of wood

is massive and noble. It is available in black gold or white and gold colors.

STANSKA Table MarbleTouch Detail
STANSKA Table MarbleTouch
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