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We create the future of hand embroidery.

First time in history, ever.


for Individual & Designers

Inspired by art, medicine, microbiology and nature. Not only functional but also extremely aesthetic. Furniture that creates a magical scenery in any space in which "they live".


STANSKA furniture is a unique collection, released only in seven copies around the world. Our customers, together with the furniture, receive a certificate of authenticity with a serial number. Due to the craftsmanship and hand-made embroidery, each piece contains details that set them apart from others in the series.

These details are proof of the work of best craftsmen.


Our furniture is not only interior decoration products, it is primarily the energy of happy and proud artists who decorate our clients' houses with their own hands.


STANSKA does not produce wholesale or duplicate quantities in mass production.

for Designers & Professionals

Noble Decor is a combination of delicate craftsmanship and new technologies.

This is a huge step for the future of craftsmanship and its application in everyday life. It's an embroidered tyle covered with a fabric that provides waterproof protection. It can be build on walls or ceilings, creating decorations and full wall panels.


Our material is also perfect for the bottom of the pool, yacht finish, car headlining or the wall of our favourite interior.

Noble Decor was created with the Architect and Co-Owner of the company T. Tarnowski for other architects who are looking for unique materials every day to implement their own visions.

our service for your vision

In addition to limited collections, the brand deals primarily with bespoke project, from cooperation with renowned brands from the world of luxury to work for our individual clients.

The embroidery that we show is an integral part of every project.

The dream that it would become part of the home scenery has become real and exceeded our expectations.


Alicia Stanska

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